Malta is a country of great opportunities and great potential

Malta is a country of great opportunities and great potential. It is a unique location and an ideal center for business management.

Since joining the EU, as the smallest member state, Malta has put its name on the map in various sectors of the economy.

Malta was the first country to introduce online gaming regulations in the European Union in 2004. All this contributed to the development of the gaming industry in the country. This has made Malta a leading center for online gaming.

The main benefits of obtaining a Maltese license are the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). It is one of the most respected in the world, and the presence of such a license is regarded throughout the world as a vote of confidence.

The Malta Gaming License can be used in all countries where there is no local gambling ban or where a local license is available.

The licensing application process is fast and provides a stable regulatory framework for operators, service providers and online players.

Another advantage of a license is the term of issue. It is issued for a period of five years, which gives the necessary stability.

There is a fixed annual license fee of €25,000 and flexible taxation from 0.40% to 4%.

Another indisputable bonus is that managers and shareholders can be non-residents. The provisional license is issued in 2-3 weeks, and the full license is issued in 6 months.

Maltese license holders can take advantage of onshore status in Europe. Operators registered in Malta can advertise throughout the EU. MGA also enforces strict anti-money laundering laws and is fully compliant with EU law.

The corporate income rate for businesses can be as low as 5%, subject to certain criteria and depending on individual circumstances. In terms of revenue from licensed gaming services, the rate is set at 5% of gross gaming revenue. Gaming operators are required to pay tax in Malta only on income from Maltese customers.

Since 2018, the licensing procedure has been significantly simplified, now there are only two types of licenses – B2B and B2C. The B2C license will still be categorized by the type of game provided, but this will eliminate the need for a new license for each class of game. Under the new laws, a B2C licensee can simply add different types of games without going through the full licensing process each time.

These are just some of the benefits of having an online gaming license in Malta, but the list is not exhaustive. By trusting us with your licensing processes, you are guaranteed to receive a full consulting service from our experts, professional advice and, most importantly, a business supported by a prestigious Maltese license.

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